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Cayo Levisa

Pinar Del Rio, Cuba


Cayo Levisa is located in the north part of Pinar del Río province, being part of Los Colorados archipelago. Privileged environment of this isle, a luxury for the lovers of the nautical sports. 
To Key Levisa, you consents for sea, from the pier of Palma Rubia, in a voyage that extends for about 30 minutes. The ship robs in a wooden jetty, to 2 minutes on foot of the Villa Cayo Levisa cabins, the only lodging of the island, that this compound for cabins near the beach. 
Three kilometers of excellent beaches and 23 places dedicated to the practice of diving, make Cayo Levisa an excellent square for the diving lovers , thank also to the transparency of their waters and the existence of one of the biggest coralline barriers in the world.
Exist in the place, coralline formations of around 500 species of fish, 200 of sponges and enough varieties of mollusks crustaceans, gorgonias and other marine animals. Especially structures of stars' coral and coral brain are located, sea fans, gorgonias feathery and numerous fish like parrots, barbers, hoarse, plate, chernas, pargos Creole and varied crustaceans like the lobster. 
Very particular attractiveness in this region the trigonias presence, is considered the oldest alive fossils in Cuba.

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