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Cabaret Tropicana Tour

Cabaret Tropicana Tour Packages
Country: Cuba
City: Havana
Duration: 3 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Night Clubs

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Show cover; a welcome drink; 1/4 bottle of Havana Club white extra aged rum; 1 coke; 1 cold cuts dish

Tropicana Cabaret is well-known around the World as "A Paradise under the stars". It was built in 1939, at the ancient grounds of "Villa Mina", a neighborhood belonging to Marianao area. From that time it was identified by its great glass arch.Mrs. Mina Pérez Chumont, Regino Trufin's widow, rented her farm lands, located besides to Zanja-Marianao railroad, and arriving almost at "Alturas de Belén"neighborhood. In so beautiful space, one businessman wanted to found a restaurant in 1939, which had a night club show for 300 people at least, but in a little time he added game halls which passing time was becoming in the most famous Havana's casino as also at the continent.Its founder decided to keep its beautiful grove, that's why it has a very tropical environment. Tropicana is inserted in a forest with leafy trees, such as: real palms, "mamoncillos", mangoes, cedars and many others. In addition in this cabaret spectacles the best artists of that epoch were presented. Popular Characters like Nat King Cole, Josehine Baker, Libertad Lamarque, Cheo Feliciano, Rita Montaner, Elena Burke, Bola de Nieve as many other well-known artists. All them have formed part of the great cast of the Tropicana Starry shows, which has always presented the best of national and universal art.

To arrive in Tropicana we must find 43 and 72 streets corner al Playa municipality to take the access which carry us until the biggest Cuban cabaret. Its main salon has capacity for one thousand people around the stage or movil track rounded by palms and air ramps which artists use in their show. In its spectacles are presented more than one hundred artists between dancers, singers an musicians. Who prefers quieter environments Tropicana has other spaces, "Los Jardines" restaurant and the bohemian "Café Rodney", and many others, although anything can be compared with the great salon under the stars, one of the most legendary places in Havana.

The symbol of this famous Cuban cabaret is an sculpture which represents a dancer, it was made in 1850 by the Cuban artists Rita Longa, also "Las Musas"Fountain installed in 1852 at the main parch by the Italian artists Aldo Gamba.In 1992 the Restaurant Industry North American Academy grave to Tropicanathe prize "Best of the Five Stars Diamond" to the best American cabaret, this Havana symbol was well-recognized and a rich tribute was given to its great history of a half century at that time.At Under the Stars Salon (Salón Bajo las Estrellas), Tropicana's cast has always been a place where stars get down from the sky to offer the best of their art pouring from deep inside, giving and unforgettable mark in visitor's heart.

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